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Finally figured out something to do here

If anyone has ever read this LJ they would realize that I have hardly ever used it. Now I've decided something to do with it--my weekly response to the latset Doctor Who episode! (Don't really want to put it on my blog where I talk to my family, don't use facebook often enough...decided here would be best.)

SO--Spoilers follow under the cut.

During the episode Ish and I both guessed of course very early it was an alien and the whole thing with the Protest vs Forget reminded both of us of "The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas" (a short story by Ursula K LeGuin). If you aren't familiar with the story it has a similar base--those who see the suffering of a single individual and understand that their prosperity is a result of that suffering and have to make that same decision to protest or forget.

Amy's decision to forget but to tell herself to get the Doctor out of there. I'm not sure I agree with the interpretation that she was trying to protect him from making that choice--I don't think she knows him well enough yet to understand that part of him so I'm a little confused. EDIT: Here's a thought I just had: This isn't to protect him, it goes back to the trust issues she still has with the Doctor--she chose to forget but doesn't trust that the Doctor would make that same choice and she's really not sure what he'll do. Then she sees exactly what he'll do, it isn't to forget and it isn't to destroy all those people either and it is somehow worse than anything that she probably imagined before she chose to forget. And at that time she finally is able to make a leap of faith-she doesn't absolutely know what will happen when she frees the Star Whale, but she has hope-something that may be a significant development in her character from the bitter, angry woman who we met last week.

In many ways this episode is a classic archetype-it has been seen in cultures and stories through millennia--does our existence justify the suffering and sacrifice of a group or an individual? Even Christianity itself asks that one. 

But this story has a different twist than most in the same vein--It doesn't need to be suffering and sacrifice: it was a gift freely given and just needed to be accepted.

But! some brilliant parts--The Doctor forcing the star whale to throw up (though the sick seems to have dried [gross!] pretty quickly), his realization and explanation to Elizabeth 10 (LOVE the stories passed down through the royal family of him! Here's a question--is she a werewolf? :P )

One thing I find so interesting--we are seeing more of Eleven's character here. Ten in some ways was too hesitant to act-he waited too long, sometimes to the point that terrible things happened to innocents because he wasn't willing to be aggressive enough IJoan Redfern points this out particularly bluntly). We've seen before that in many ways each Doctor is a reaction against the previous Doctor--and I think that Eleven has started to show that he may be too aggressive to early. Not calling that a firm conclusion yet because we've only seen two episodes.

And oh oh! The part where the Doctor says he'd have to find himself a new name then because he wouldn't be the Doctor anymore. My heart was breaking for him.

And WOW Harsh! Telling Amy he would take her home because he can't have his companions keeping and hiding information from him. I agree that she should not have kept it from him, I don't agree with his harsh judgement. Hm, perhaps is Eleven like Ten with the Don't give second chances.

Really loved the reconciliation--the hug, both of them taking comfort in the other.

After the episode last week when we saw that Amy left to travel with the Doctor on the eve of her wedding I said that my hope for this season--or however long she stays with the Doctor--is that when her adventure is done, she does arrive back ready for the next morning, to get married and get on with her life.
The end of the episode where Amy confesses she ran away from something because she wasn't quite ready just solidified that desire.

I'm really liking Amy and LOVING Eleven!

Oh and a conversation with Ish this evening led me to conclude that I must be somehow connected to a Collective Sci-Fi Subconsciousness. See, the first episode that I ever saw of Doctor Who was "Shakespeare Code". BUT I somehow already knew about the TARDIS, and the fact that he regenerates and has had a bunch of different faces. And it was not Gayle describing it to me when telling me I should start watching this show--because even then I remember saying in the conversation that I knew who the Doctor was when she started explaining it to me.


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Apr. 11th, 2010 05:17 pm (UTC)
Oooh, liking your thoughts - especially re. Amy and why she told herself to get the Doctor to leave. (You deserve more fb than this, but I'm in a rush...)
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